Table of Contents

  1. Download Powerpoint Presentation “Team Approach To Business
  2. Setup Webcam
  3. Setup Google Hangouts
  4. Broadcast both Webcam & Slideshow Presentation

1. Setup Webcam: Download Driver for Webcam Here

(Logitech Camera Settings) and plug USB into Computer

2. Arrange Lights, Put Webcam on Tripod

(B) Setup/Use Google Hangouts - Watch overview video

1. Go to

2. Go to 'Creator Studio'

3. Go to left hand side of YouTube window

4. Go to Live Streaming

5. Go to Events

6. Sort Live Events by 'Upcoming'

7. See the entire screen of 'Events Page'

8. Click 'Start Hangout on Air'

That button (above) opens 'Hangouts on Air' window (pictured below). Next click 'Start Broadcast'

10. Click 'OK'

11. Wait for Startup Process

12. Live Broadacast Starts

(Next Section) Present Webcam and Slideshow - Watch

12. Open 'Business Overview' Presentation in Keynote

12a) You can't make Keynote (i) full screen and (ii) you can't hit the "play button" to start the slideshow / presentation.

You can't do either of those, because it will cause Keynote to not appear in the 'Hangouts screen selector window', thus you won't be able to broadcast the Keynote presentation through Hangouts.

To make it work, make Keynote look like it does in the screenshot below.

12b) Show "Slide Only"

12c) Hide Toolbar (at bottom of 'View' menu

12d) Keynote will look like this

13. Switch between apps. On Mac: hold 'Command' and 'Tab'. On windows 'Alt' and 'Tab'

14. Click Green Boxed Arrow (left had side of screen)

15. Select the Keynote Business Overview Window

16. 'Command' and 'Tab' go over to the actual Keynote program --

And start scrolling up and down along with David's talk, with the keyboard shortcuts mentioned above; do not try and use the mouse, it will cause problems, use the keyboard shortcuts.

17. Page Up & Down Mac - 'fn' button and 'arrow down/up keys'

18. Follow David, Page-Up, Page-Down, as David is talking.

19.2: 'Alt-Tab' back to Hangouts

19.3 Go back to the Webcam Feed

19.4 Click the top 'Stop Button' to switch back to the webcam feed.

20. Now, you are broadcasting the David's Webcam again.