Dr David R Humphrey
Live on Your Terms

For Your Dreams, Without Boundaries

Fear... Most people live in a state of fear. It comes in all different kinds: fear of failure, of rejection, and even fear of success.

Humphrey realized that if he could cure people's thoughts, he could not only heal their bodies, but their entire lives.

David shows the new ideal model of business. Corporations are no longer the vehicle to sustain a career and livelihood. Now, you must develop your own network. You only succeed by helping others succeed.

He couldn’t just prescribe a pill to mask their symptoms. He had to help them change their mindset in order for them to change their behavior. He knew exactly how to help them do this.

A vision without a plan is just words. You must create a solid, well thought out plan to turn your dream into a mission.

He partners with individuals to help launch their companies through seed investing, personal success mentoring, and individual relational coaching.