Unraveling the Myth

You’ve heard it before. Work hard. Save hard. Live your life to the fullest. The sad reality is that working hard and saving hard will rarely if ever, give you the ability to live life on your terms. The old narrative teaches us to get an education, go to work for X number of years so we can hopefully retire one day and enjoy our lives. But that’s the worst advice anyone can give (or take). Still, you check into the rat race every day, and it feels normal to you because you’re comparing yourself to others who are just as stuck as you.

Life is precious. Time is precious. And when that time is owned by somebody else, your life is not your own. Think about it. If an amazing travel opportunity came up, would you be able to drop everything right now? If you said yes, you’re in a rare position. Most don’t have the time and money (or boss’s approval) to take that spur of the moment trip of a lifetime. The truth is, most of us are time bankrupt. Our time belongs to somebody else. Even those who aren’t enslaved to somebody else are often tied to a business that can’t operate if they’re away from their desk, or to a bank account that won’t refill while they’re trotting the globe.

And while working hard and saving hard might just get you a million dollars by retirement do you really want to save all your living for the latter years? The smart person knows that living must be done today because today is the only day that’s certain. And the astute person knows there is a way to achieve that goal.

But before you quit your job in anticipation of the next nugget of truth, know this. Having a job and working hard is the first step toward achieving your freedom goals. Because dreams and goals don’t come easily. But as you start to break the old narratives of education, jobs, and savings and build a new mindset of possibilities and your ability to achieve them, you’ll start to work yourself down from time bankruptcy and rediscover your own life–the life you were meant to live.

You can live your life on your terms. You can what you love. You can pursue your dreams and passions. But you have to decide to do it. And you have to immerse yourself in the right environment with people who are not stuck like you.

And you can get started today.

You’re just steps away from charting a new course

  1. Admit that you don’t know it all. If you bought the lie that life is about education, jobs, and savings, there is quite a bit of undoing and resetting to be done. Admittance is a necessary preliminary step.
  2. Associate with people who own their lives. Don’t worry if you don’t know any yet. You can get to know some by reading great books, listening to audios, and attending live events. As you do this and add dreamers and doers to your personal network, you’ll soon discover there’s a better way to live–and that real people are really doing it.

Define your ‘why’REQUIRED

What is the reason you want to change your mindset and life? Your ‘why’ should be strong enough to make you cry. That’s the only thing that will truly fuel you to action and success. Why do you want to be free? Do you want to be able to travel the world when you want, for how long you want, without the constraint of time or money? Do you want to create a better life for your kids or future family? Do you want to leave a legacy of helping others achieve their own dreams? Or do you simply want a few extra dollars in your bank account so you don’t have to live paycheck to paycheck? There’s no right answer. There’s only your answer. So what is your ‘why’ that brought you to this course and is driving you toward breaking free from the old narrative? Start to think through and define it.