Nov 2018


Admit there’s a problem

Do you find yourself trying the same thing again and again, only to come up empty and insignificant? Negative emotions, such as rejection, are toxic because they release fear-generating hormones that tear down your health and well-being.

The emotions and words you feed yourself activate the reticular activating system, a filter in your brain that cuts through the clutter to what’s important. And what is important to your brain? The things you focus on. So if you are constantly focusing on rejection, lack, a sense of inability and chaos in your life, your brain will bring your truths into focus. And that will only exacerbate more negative emotions. And you will get nowhere in life, because you’ve built your reality so that you can’t.

There’s a problem there, and if you can’t see it you’re in denial.

And that’s reality. Too many people are in denial that anything is wrong in them or in their lives. Denial could be expanded into an acronym: Don’t Even Know I Am Lying. And that sums it up. When people are in their denial, they really can’t see the truth that something is wrong. Instead, they continue to perpetuate the negative feelings and outcomes inside of them, always seeing the same, sorry results.

Know your heart, your vision, and your dream. Be honest with yourself and get out of denial. Know the truth about what you speak, say and do. Know when it’s time to say I’ve had enough and am going to change. Sell out to your dream. Tell yourself, “I’m going to get a ‘why’ so strong that it makes me cry.” As you associate with people who have been where you are and broken free, and as you build yourself up and out of the pits of denial, you’ll start to generate feelings of hope. And that hope and ‘why’ will activate your reticular activating system and help you see the proof of what you want

Today, you can break out of denial, even if you can’t admit you’re in it. If you find yourself stuck in a place where you don’t want to be, but you don’t know how to get out, do this.

Analyze the thought or fear that’s keeping you stuck in that specific situation. What is the thought? Is it a self-defeating pattern? What is it bringing up for you? What is the shame in it?